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           How I got started. In my late 40's I met  the most skilled man I have ever known. He taught me most of what I know about metal including types of metal, cleaning, welding, CNC plasma cutting and a little bit on  finishing. The metal world was introduced to me and that was the beginning of new freedom.  I also learned the business side of things as well as how to work in AutoCAD. We started a business together. After a strong foundation for the business was built, we went our separate ways.

          His business continued to thrive. I began anew. Weld Made Art Works (WMAW) was created. I did not know much about the art world and took no formal lesson. But a passion from within was found. I continued to develop my skills in welding and played with different finishes.  Metal was in my world. I learn as much as I can from other peoples passions and apply to my own. Sometimes I feel I have a sort of relationship with the metal I am working with, because I don't always get my way in how it gets put together. Depending on the type, shape and size of the pieces, a sculpture is created.

          I have never studied art and am not too familiar with the art world. I believe that my lack of knowledge of art has helped me to develop a great understanding of art. For me, art does not have a definition. It has  an energy for the individual.

           I am finally one of those people who loves what she does. 



Weld Made Art Works





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2010 - present

2010 - present


       Contact  the Artist

            Jessie Cargas  

       +1 (314) 960-1684

All measurements are approximate. 

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