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Artist's Story 

                                                                         Artist's Statement 


In my late 40's, I began to design and construct metal sculptures, many which have rolls, twists or bends. I create turn-abouts, which are sculptures that can be physically turned and as a result, can be viewed with a new perspective. With each sculpture, I begin with a certain concept that often takes a new direction during the creation process. Once I am satisfied with the quality and beauty of the piece, I feel it is complete, no matter how far from the original idea.

            Inspirations come from within and daily experiences. My sculptures represent what is real and what is conceptual. I continue to work on a variety of shapes, sizes, contemporary and abstract pieces. From creating designs, to welding, to the finishes on the sculptures, are the things that keep me most inspired, motivated and driven.

            I am a person who loves what she does.

Jessie Cargas

February, 2017



                           Artist's Biography

            Jessie Cargas was born 1964, in St. Louis, Missouri. Her media is steel and the finishes are poly urethane, paint, patina or powder coat. Her pieces begin with a vision,  a design, then are drawn, cut, sanded, shaped, rolled, and or welded, then finished. She has ventured into some - somewhat specific themes, keeping them abstract. The visions come from within, from previous pieces, and from keeping open to every day influences.

            Current works include table top and book shelf sculptures, larger indoor and outdoor sculptures, and wall hangings. The Turn-About sculptures are sculptures that stand on their own, turn it another way, and it presents itself with a new look. Jessie has been inspired by Brother Mel Meyers, as well as many others, including art along Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

             She has shown her work at art festivals, local galleries,  garden centers, art strolls and on her website: Jessie has honed her skills by learning from others, the internet and practice, practice, practice. She focuses on metal sculpting and her business she created,  Weld Made Art Works, LLC.  She is not limited to certain conventions, but open to exploring new ideas and trying different things, while simultaneously adding her own unique style. A passion for completeness and quality is seen in every piece created.









       Contact  the Artist

            Jessie Cargas  

       +1 (314) 960-1684

All measurements are approximate. 

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